A word about streaming music.

Imagine with me for a moment that you are a painter who has just finished an amazing work of art that you are excited to share with the world. Now imagine a well known art supplier walks up to you and says, "Hey man, I LOVE this painting. In fact, I'd love to give a copy of it to 1000 friends of mine. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go into that McDonalds right over there and buy you a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal as "payment" for the rights to copy and distribute this work of art to all my friends. How does that sound?"

You would be crazy to agree to something so ridiculous!

And yet here we are.

On average, streaming companies like Spotify, Apple and YouTube pay the creators of songs on their platforms at a rate of about $0.00318 per stream. That equates to $3.18 per 1000 streams - about the same price as a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal.

The solution? It's simple.

If you enjoy the music you are hearing on a streaming service, please consider supporting the creator(s) of that music (like myself) by purchasing our music instead of streaming it. We would be so very thankful to you for this simple act of support.


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