Beyond is another song that was created from my deep love of sky/star watching that I’ve had ever since I was a young boy. Nothing has quite captured my attention like looking at the night sky. Looking up the stars; gazing at the absolute mind-blowing hugeness of it all. That is how this song starts - a simple piano melody to portray eyes fixed heaven-ward in complete wonder at the vastness of our view from Earth.

Stars twinkling.

The mighty Andromeda galaxy showing off in all its glory.

The moon blanketed with thousands of craters and kissed by the sun; creating a light-show of shadows dancing across the lunar surface.

It’s overwhelming to behold. It brings a shiver often times to the back of my neck and down my arms.

I’m in complete awe of how all of this was created by a God who knows the very number of hairs upon my head. A God who is intimately acquainted with me, thinks of me, and loves me so much that he would sacrifice his only son Jesus to make a way for me to be with him for my eternity. That He would care for me!? How can it be!

This song musically paints a journey beyond the walls of this world - further than we have ever imagined. Perhaps on one of the incredible SpaceX rockets / capsules, or the new ships being built by NASA. Either way, the cello comes into the center of this song to bring to mind travelers getting set to rocket through our atmosphere. They are looking out the windows of their launch vehicle, anxious with anticipation - perhaps even saying silents prayers for safety as the vehicle begins to come to life.

The rumble of the engines.

The incredible power!


Hurtling through the air at incredible speeds, our travelers pierce the thin veil of Earth’s atmosphere and are at once weightless; floating in the zero gravity of space.

Peaceful. Quiet.

But their journey is not over. The second stage engines are about to send them further and further out into distances we have only heard of in science fiction.

The course is plotted. The time has come.


The quiet of the moment is awakened by the blast of the second stage.

Where will this journey take them? How far will they travel? How long will it take to get there?


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